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At Unity Dental Center, Dental Bridge in Houston 77023 understand how limiting and socially debilitating it can feel when you have missing teeth. Dental Bridge in Houston 77023 are experienced Dentists providing durable and functionally effective dental bridges ensuring you enjoy the exceptionally positive change receiving this dental service will make in your life! Request an Appointment

dental bridge in houston 77023

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Dental bridges are indicated for areas in the mouth where teeth are missing. Traditionally bridges are made up of a crown on each side of a missing tooth area, which is called abutments, and a crown that seats in the area where a tooth is missing, this is known as a Pontic.  The materials that bridges are made of are similar to those of crowns (Porcelain, PFM, Gold, Zirconium, and more).  In some cases Bridges are more ideal than removable dentures, however, in some cases, some factors may contraindicate a crown and other options (i.e. partial dentures) may be more ideal. Your dentist will discuss with you the most ideal options for your case.

benefits of a dental bridge

If you’re missing one or multiple teeth, your oral health is at risk. Investing in a dental bridge can:

  • Restore your smile
  • Improve your chewing ability
  • Maintain your facial structure

Dental bridges can also improve your speech and pronunciation and prevent your other teeth from moving out of place. dental bridge in houston 77023

Dr. Jose Wu, DDS

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